Raja Ampat: Dessert Melts...the North

Date: 7 - 14 May 2010
Duration: 8 days


For those who are curious to see what parts of the key northern sites are, this is your trip. From nudis and amazing variety of critters including wobbegong and epaulette sharks, and shallow dives with lots of fishes and reef action plus beautiful top-side scenery, it will be a different experience from diving the south but lots to see underwater and a visit to a very high quality export South Sea pearl farm can also be arranged.

The boat: Sea Safari VIII

Welcome Aboard on Sea Safari Diving Sea Safari Liveaboard Indonesia & Voyage offers a wide range of Indonesia liveaboard activities with Indonesian Phinisi - rigged Bugis Schooners, constructed with three decks, the boat gives you plenty of space to lose one's self, whether it is in the air-conditioned comfort of the large saloon or lazing under the shade of one of the ship's huge sails.

All Sea Safari vessels are equipped with modern navigation systems, updated safety and first aid equipment. Sea Safari liveaboard offered a perfect mixture of diving and comfortable cruising experience.



Intermediate to Experienced divers with minimum 30 dives logged. Not suitable for absolute beginners. If you think you fall somewhere in between, please send the trip organizer an email.

Maximum 18 divers.


Day 1 : Arrive Sorong by early afternoon latest. Check out dive late afternoon in Batanta

Day 2 : Fam - A good variety of dives here, a great shallow dive with a good variety of fish and reef scenery. An excellent fishy patch reef that tops off at 10m with great scenery and at times fish galore. A few sites need to be dived on the right tide to ensure safe diving!

Day 3 : Kawe - to dive across the equator, a few different dives here, the best being fairly prone to swell, current and often surge in the shallows. Well worth it for those who don't mind a bit of work on the dive, most sites have the possibility to dive on either the north or south sides that will be sheltered from current on one direction or the other! There are a few more sheltered dives here if needed.

Day 4 : Wayag - This island group is one of the most beautiful ones in the Archipelago. The Geology looks a lot like in Palau - turquoise, clear waters gets washed through the shallow waters directly from the Pacific Ocean. Strong current around pinnacles and rocky islets invite big schools of baraccudas and tunas to cruise around this area. Overhanging Walls inhabit lots of critters, also big groupers, sharks are seen.

Day 5 : Wayag and Waigeo - An excellent area for macro with great critter action, great invertebrate life on walls and good soft coral scenery. For those interested a visit can be arranged to the pearl farm here which cultivate very high quality export South Sea pearls. Wobbegong and epaulette sharks.

Day 6 : West Gam and Airborek - "The Passage" is a channel over 30 metres wide featuring some of the finest benthic life you are ever likely to see. Currents feed through this corridor between the islands, sweeping nutrients whose fate is likely to be falling into the welcoming arms of hundreds of sea fans.

Day 7 - Kri/Sardines - Those who have dived here will talk with great enthusiasm about the sheer numbers of fish here. Of course there are great schools of trevallies and tuna in numbers that practically block out the light. But you can also be enthralled by vast numbers of bumpheaded parrotfish as they charge around and devour the coral. Wash and dry equipment.

Day 8 - Breakfast and depart Sorong.

* Please note this is the suggested itinerary which can be adjusted due to group preferences, weather, etc.
** Descriptions of dive sites copyright Diving 4 Images and various other Raja Ampat dive websites.

All days except the last day will offer 3 day dives and 1 night dive. Last day will usually have two dives in the morning and finish off lunch.


Flight schedule as follows: tbc
Domestic: depending on departure points via Jakarta and Denpasar/Manado.
IXL: connections can be dealt with offline typically Air Asia or SilkAir.

*You are responsible for your own ticketing, however the organizer will help provide you with an update for schedules later.
**Organizers are not liable for any changes or cancellation cause by the flight operators.
Cruise Director: Graham Abbott

Graham is one of the most experienced and leading dive guides around the Indonesia region. This included guiding for the BBC, scientific expeditions with Dr Gerry Allen and Conservation International and numerous photographic expeditions including David Doubilet and Wetpixel. He has also spent much time diving Raja Ampat and has in-depth knowledge of a lot of the sites that are slowly opening up for liveaboard diving as well as exploring/diving lesser known yet excellent sites.

"Since 1997 I have been a professional dive guide in north Sulawesi, West Australia, the Wakatobi island group, Komodo, Irian Jaya, the eastern islands of the Nusa Tengarra like Flores, Alor & beyond, through the Banda Sea, of course my home island of Bali and since 2005 I have been leading trips various areas of Papua New Guinea. It has been a dream come true to be able to work with some of the worlds' best underwater photographers, journalists, film makers, marine life enthusiasts and for sure I would enjoy the opportunity to work with you, showing you the real treats of underwater Indonesia!"