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Kapal Selam Dive Club is a non-profit SCUBA diver club based in Bali, Indonesia. We dive Bali and Indonesia with members and friends , however, we do not offer daily dive trips, courses nor equipment for rent. If you are a diver and would like to join one of our dive trips, please check our dive trip schedule. Otherwise, if you are planning to dive Indonesia or Bali dive sites and you need unbiased information about dive conditions in the beautiful Indonesia archipelago, please inquire here about diving Bali for more information.

Kapal Selam is Indonesian for "Submarine". The name embodies the spirit of exploration and adventure in the underwater realm. This passion for the deep sea is what drives the founders and divers of Kapal Selam Dive Club. Founded by several divers who spent their weekends in Tulamben , the club has grown to include not only Bali or Indonesia divers but also divers from all over the world. We are a multi-national (Indonesia, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, P. R. China, Canada, Japan, France, Australia and Taiwan R.O.C) dive club, and we pride ourselves on having divers from all corners of the world - united by the love for diving.

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What We Do

Our activities include surveys of under-explored Indonesian dive sites, social scuba diving trips, and various charitable and educational club activities. Here at Kapal Selam, we strive to present information on the best Bali diving has to offer. We provide dive related articles, trip reports, and site reviews. Because we do not profit from what we write, we can guarantee that our reports and reviews are completely honest and in no way exaggerated.

What we normally do during the trip

What you see is what you get. We aim to help the local community preserve the beauty of their underwater treasure. To do this we work hard at developing relationships with the local people and share information on how to treat the sea and its contents as a precious commodity. Our divers and affiliated diving operations work hand-in-hand with locals to ensure that the dive industry and eco-tourism in general benefit all parties. We also encourage our divers to practice environmentally-friendly and safe dive practices. Dive information, tips and tricks are exchanged in our forum to educate our divers about the importance of preserving corals and marine life.

Meet Us

If you are new to diving Bali - Indonesia, or simply want to find out more about it, contact us. We would be more than happy to help you. You can also join one of our dive trips or participate in a charity event. We sincerely hope that you find this site useful and that you spread the word on our beautiful Island of the Gods in Indonesia.

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