KSDC Trip Rules

  1. A trip is defined as a KSDC dive trip, if it is published on our website and organized by a member.
  2. No equipment or safety devices are provided. All trips only include weight belts, tanks, transportation (land and sea) and hotel. Equipment must be arranged by the participants themselves.
  3. The minimum ratio of KSDC members in a trip is 30% . When using a dive center, the dive center can fill up any extra spaces at their own rate.
  4. KSDC Liability Forms must be signed by all trip participants before diving.
  5. Deposit cannot be refunded. If the person cancels the trip for any reason whatsoever, the paid deposit will go into KSDC fund. If he/she finds a replacement, the reimbursement of the down payment should be taken from the person joining the trip in his/her place, and the deal should be worked upon separately from KSDC. (24 April 2006)
  6. The trip coordinator should set a fixed deadline for payment for all trips (24 April 2006)
  7. Members must wear their KSDC shirts every time they participate in KSDC trips, if a member forgets to bring their shirt on the trip, they will be penalized IDR 50,000 per day. This money will go to the KSDC funds.
  8. Members are prioritized for all trips until the deposit deadline. Non-members are on waiting list until the first deposit deadline has passed.
  9. Members and non-members must present Certification Card to the trip coordinator on the first day of the trip.
  10. Spear fishing on SCUBA is strictly prohibited on KSDC trips.
  11. All trip participants must use common sense and sensitivity when dealing with marine life.
  12. All participants specifically KSDC Members are entitled to warn others and/or report to the committee should environmental unfriendly behavior conducted (24 April 2006)
  13. Coordinator's discretion to ask for participants' proof of experience prior to joining a trip (24 April 2006)
IDR: Indonesian Rupiah
KSDC: Kapal Selam Dive Club
These meeting minutes are the result of an Internal Kapal Selam Dive Club Meeting held in Singapore on April 24, 2006.

Meeting participants: