Asian Diver finally comes up with a value-added annual edition

March 13, 2006
Singapore, 13 March 2006 Having been an Asian Diver subscriber for the past four years, I had yet to be impressed by their annual edition. While the magazine itself is a good source of information and a a visual relief while landlocked, the annual edition always seemed, well, a tad pointless to me. Before the 2006 edition, they have always been preety coffee-table material: lots of pretty pictures, but not much substance. This year, however, their annual edition has upped the ante for all high-quality scuba diving publications: it lists major liveaboards across Asia, Australia, Micronesia, and Maldives - along with their price ranges and websites! Not since FiNS magazine's 2003 Do-It-Yourself article that a diving magazine offers such useful information. This is what a call "causing a splash" - providing the kind of information a diver wants to find from a diving magazine. We like pictures, but pictures AND information are preferable. The Asian Diver 2006 Annual Edition is available from newsstands at SGD12. By: irene Pramudito