Gavin Rama Dotulong

January 22, 2006
Hengky Dotulong (KSDC co-founder) and his wife Thea Nelson (Admin extraordinaire) are happy to announce the birth of their second son, Gavin Rama Dotulong. Gavin was born at 10 am Sunday morning at Puri Bunda hospital in Denpasar. He weighed 3.4 kgs and measured 52 cm. Mom and baby are doing fine. Bali submariners were in attendence... Top honors go to Mia and Tom who visited in the very early morning hours of Sunday when Thea was still in labor. (Further convincing Mia that having children should be avoided). Thea is looking forward to fitting back into her wetsuit and getting wet... Gavin will be founding the Kapal Selam Baby Divers Club. By: Dorothea Nelson