Placenta Diving Take Three

January 28, 2006
Carrying on the Kapal Selam tradition of burying the baby's placenta underwater, new Papa Hengky Dotulong dove to 74 meters with Mulyadi Setiono and Tom Chandra to bury Gavin's placenta. For those of you who are now scratching your heads in confusion, a quick explanation: It is Indonesian custom to bury a baby's placenta after birth. This is usually done on the same day the baby is born. It is man's business, with the father of the baby in charge of cleaning the placenta and placing it and appropriate offerings in a clay pot. Most Indonesian families then bury this pot on their property to ensure that the child is close to his family and home. Others take the pot to sea, drifting it on the ocean in hope that the child will have a perspective as wide and deep as the seas. Hengky modified this somewhat with the birth of his first son, Gregor. Gregor's placenta was buried at the Drop-Off, a popular dive site in Tulamben, at 68 meters. (Godfather and dive buddy Erwin was in the chamber at Sanglah the next day, so don't try this at home kiddies!)... Jakarta Submariner Brata was the second Submariner to do this, he buried the placenta of his child at the Drop-Off as well. (It was frozen til he made the trip to Bali). With Gavin's placenta now securely buried at Batu Kelebit, we are awaiting the birth of the next KSDC baby. Anyone? By: Dorothea Nelson