Kubu SCUBA Dive Sites

Category: TulambenKubu
This site is called Kubu, named after the village. Kubu is relatively new for diving society in Bali but now has invited a lot of SCUBA divers to dive there. The abundant beautiful coral reefs combined with swirling fishes is the attraction here. No wonder it gains the popularity in quite relatively short time. Kapal Selam Diving Club Bali visited this place for the first time on August 2003 during our North Bali Exploration Diving trip. We only dived Kubu once, but our impression is that this site is really great! Especially the colorful coral reefs and fishes swam around them. The highlight of this site is pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti), various of nudibranch such as Phyllidia varicosa and Reticulidia halgerda. This dive site, according to many sources, is diveable the year round but the best season to dive here is May to October.
Reef type: Slope
Access: 15 minutes drive from Tulamben
Visibility: 10-20 meters
Current: No current
Marine life: Reef fishes
Accomodation: Better stay at Tulamben
Tips: Alternative for Tulamben, if you stay longer and want to dive other sites
Difficulty: Easy