Lipah SCUBA Dive Sites

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My favorite diving spot, precisely skin diving spot, is the shipwreck which is a shame not often dove, some divers prefer to dive Jemeluk instead. This site is situated at Banjar (village) Bunutan, and well known as Lipah Bay. Going down stair and find the third palm tree. In front of that tree, there is lying the wreck. This wreck is known as Japanese shipwreck although in fact I am not really sure since most of the books never mentioned it. She is encrusted with soft coral and a lot of Sergeant Major (Abudefduf vaigiensis) swimming around. One day skin diving there, in my attempt to reach the 7 meter depth bottom of the south side of the wreck, I found a 20 centimeters Scorpion Fish (Scorpaenopsis sp) lying in the middle of hard corals. On the other side of the wreck, I found some garden eels (Heteroconger polyzona). The visibility is roughly around 10-15 meters.
Access: From Jemeluk, just follow the road down to south and you will find Eka Purnama hotel opposites of the beach.