Lobster City SCUBA Dive Sites

Category: Besar IslandLobster City
For our night dive, we went to an unnamed site off Besar Island. At first it was an uneventful dive, because the guide didn't know what to look for. I was getting slightly bored with the moray eels and all the usual fare, when suddenly I saw David's torch frantically signaling me. I swam to where he was pointing, and was astounded to find a boulder covered with crawling spiny lobsters! There must have been more than twenty lobsters of all sizes, walkind around out in the open. Which was strange, because lobsters are usually very shy and stay half hidden in their holes. I watched in awe as the lobsters completely ignored the spectators and went about their business. I was still amazed when I swam off, and only snapped out of it when Mulyadi tapped my shoulder and showed off a lobster in his hand! I was thinking. "Oh yum!", but then I saw a flash of orange underneath its tail. I signed for Mul to turn the lobster upside down, and I saw that it was heavy with eggs! I started to signal to Mul to put it back, and that it was laying eggs, but he simply refused to return the poor thing. The commotion we caused must have attracted the other divers, because I soon saw Lala approacing Mul and signaling frantically, telling Mul to put the lobster back. They started arguing comically, two humans limited to sign language - one hungry and one angry. That was too funny a sight. That night, we had a sumptuous dinner despite the lack of fresh lobster from the now-named dive site, Lobster City.
Reef type: Patch
Access: Liveaboard
Visibility: 10-15 meters
Current: No current
Coral condition: Healthy
Marine life: Moray eel, nudibranchs, slipper lobster, flatworm
Highlights: Lobster, lobster and lobster, walking here and there instead of hiding in their holes
Accomodation: No accomodation (except liveaboard)
Tips: Don’t take lobster with eggs
Difficulty: Can be easy, moderate or difficult