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Diving Puri Jati Dive Sites for Underwater Photographers The Puri Jati dive site is slowly gaining fame as a Bali dive destination for macro muck diving (after Secret Bay and Seraya). It is probably best for photographers and certainly should only be attempted by those with the patience to dig around for small and interesting creatures. It is a bit off the beaten track, 1 kilometer west of Seririt on the North coast of Bali and 13 km west of Lovina. Turn right at the sign for Zen Hotel, then follow the road until it hits the beach. You can park directly there, next to Wayan's warung and the Koperasi Nelayan Laut Biru.The Koperasi is ready with a tarp and table they will set out for divers. Each diver is charged Rp 5,000 for the service, an easy way to give back to the local economy. Wayan's warung is simple, serving noodles, coffee, tea and soft drinks, so if you need more than that, be sure to pack a lunch from home or plan to go to Seririt or Lovina.Puri Jati is really quite a big site, we did two dives, one heading to the east and one to the west from the entry point in front of the warung. It is a black sand beach, likewise the site is mostly covered by a black sandy bottom with occasional sparse sections of seaweeds, sea pens and soft corals. Poking around patiently yields its rewards.We managed to find quite a few creatures in our two dives: three octopi, three pipe seahorses, a cuttlefish, uncountable interesting crabs and shrimp, small anemones, garden eels, one very ineteresting nudibranch, an Indian Walkman devilfish and a simply FANTASTIC SEAHORSE. We arrived in the morning and did our first dive at 10:15- when the tide was high on this particular day. By the second dive, the tide was on its way out, and although some say your luck at this site depends heavily on the tide, I could not denote a difference.I highly recommend this site for divers who have a real love of macro (and preferably a camera) as well as those willing to risk a potentially "bad" dive in search of something new and interesting. Because the bottom is sandy, I would recommend that only small groups of divers with excellent buoyancy dive here- divers with bad buoyancy could easily muddy the water for meters. Happy macro hunting!
Reef type: Muck diving
Access: By car, directions read the story. Shore dive.
Visibility: 5-15 meters
Coral condition: Sandy bottom
Marine life: Seahorse, Indian Walkman Devilfish, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Pipe Seahorse, Nudibranch, Crab, Shrimp
Highlights: Good for photography
Accomodation: The nearest is Zen Hotel or Hotels in Lovina
Tips: Pack a lunch since there is only a small warung serving noodles. Bring an underwater camera for uncommon critters
Difficulty: Easy