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Category: Pura IslandSchool's Out
Our third dive was at a site called School's Out, off Pura. I never got to ask why it was named as such, but I'm guessing it's because once upon a time, the site was full of schooling fishes. It's really sad to dive it and find out that - just like Sharks Galore - there was no longer any schooling fishes there :(. However, it was still a lovely dive - the reef is healthy (evidently because of the non-destructive fishing practices. We only saw traditional fish traps there, never a bombed out reef rubble) and the small fishes aplenty. It was a nice site, but not exactly spectacular. There was a blue-ribbon eel near the end of our dive, and a yellow leaf scorpionfish hidden in crevice. When I tried sticking my head into the crevice to take a pic, a burning sensation on my forehead stopped me short. Suddenly I realised the crevice was surrounded by hydroids !@$x*?%#! Am I a fantastic diver or what?
Reef type: Wall
Access: Liveaboard
Visibility: 15-20 meters
Current: Moderate
Coral condition: Healthy
Marine life: Blue ribbon eel, leaf scorpionfish
Highlights: No more pelagic can be found in this site anymore
Accomodation: No accomodation (except liveaboard)
Difficulty: Easy