Sebesi Island SCUBA Dive Sites

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Sebesi is a round island, formed by a breccia, tuff and lava rocks ejected from a now-extinct-but still-relatively-young volcano, formed in Holocene era around 12000 years ago. The peak of the island is 844m above sea level and covered by lush vegetation. These vegetations are all relatively new; having grown back after the island was covered by the ejectas of the old Krakatau volcano explosion of 1883 and swept bare by tsunami resulting from the same catastrophic event. A small fisherman community lives here. The topography of the dive sites around the island is mostly steeply dipping. The Lawang Kari (or sometimes also called Karang Mandi) site at the south of the island is a small tongue of lava rock protruding about 1 meter above the water in a high tide. Underwater the rock is covered by healthy coral, ascidians and sponges growth, with lots of soft corals at the shallow part. The bottom is sandy, around 30 meters of depth. The current could be treacherous and surge is often very strong, making it difficult for safety stops. Marine life includes many crabs, lobsters and moray eels. Fish are abundant, and a big school of barracuda have been sighted.
Reef type: drop off, wall
Access: 1.5 hours drive from Jakarta through the Jakarta-Merak toll road to Cilegon and another hour or so to Carita, a tourist area in West Java. After that 2 hours of speedboat ride to the islands
Visibility: 5-15 meters
Current: mild to strong, could change very quickly. Surge very strong.
Coral condition: healthy
Marine life: reef fish, crab, lobster, moray eel, barracuda
Difficulty: medium-difficult