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Breakfast was followed by our second dive of the day at Sharks Galore, again off Pura Island. Our divemaster Weka warned us not to expect too much (read: any shark) here. Overfishing (and obviously shark-finning) has depleted the site of its namesake. So we decended into the blue once again, expecting another boring dive. However, we spotted lots of cute nudibranchs, and I was snapping away with my camera in no time. We didn't find any sharks, but I really enjoyed this site. It's a wall covered in colorful hard and soft corals, with lots of HUGE barrel sponges (my diminutive buddy could have fit in one of them nicely). There was no current, viz was an average of 20metres, the water was a nice 26C - I was not complaining at all. A very relaxing 66-min dive. We surfaced and helped ourselves to a nice lunch - Lukas, our cook, is really a creative man; we were never bored or underfed during the trip.

KSDC trips to Sharks Galore:

Reef type: Wall
Access: Liveaboard
Visibility: 20-25 meters
Current: No current
Coral condition: Healthy
Marine life: Nudibranchs, soft corals, gigantic barrel sponges
Highlights: Sharks are rarely found here due to overfishing
Accomodation: No accomodation (except liveaboard)
Difficulty: Easy