Slab City SCUBA Dive Sites

Category: Pura IslandSlab City
For some strange reason, I can't remember many of the marine animals I saw during our first dive that day. We were at a site called Slab City, off Pura Island. I had to take another look at my logbook before I found out why I couldn't remember anything: I was too busy trying to keep warm. The water that morning was freezing my t*ts off, pardon my French. I was so used to bath-warm water around Asia that 19°C was a rude shock to the system. I remember putting my gloves on underwater, but still my fingers felt numb and useless. Slab City itself was an interesting site, a wall with deep groove-like crevices and underwater canyons. The vista was good enough to keep me entertained for 48 minutes. Again, the fish life is nothing to shout about, but there were plenty of them.
Reef type: Wall with deep grove-like crevices and underwater canyons
Access: Liveaboard
Visibility: 15-20 meters
Current: No current
Coral condition: Healthy
Marine life: The whole terrain is covered with anemones, almost like a carpet, lots of se apples were found as well
Accomodation: No accomodation (except liveaboard)
Tips: The water temperature can be very cold, better prepare thick wetsuit
Difficulty: Can be easy, moderate, difficult