Tanjung Sari SCUBA Dive Sites

Category: Padang BaiTanjung Sari
Situated at the mouth of Padang Bai. Tanjung Sari is the brown tweed blazer of the east coast sites. Extending out from Silayukti point (in the south of Tanjung Sari) is long rocky formation, but the roll-of is basically gentle. The reef forms short sections of wall at the very end of the Turtle's neck point and just where the channel begins off Tanjung Sari, but most of this area is a sloping reef than thins out and goes out to sand at about twenty meters. The coral cover is generally thin and relatively impoverished in number of species, chiefly robust branching acropora and porites. The rocky reef flat between Silayukti and Tanjung Sari is an excellent place to find rays of several species including some that are never seen elsewhere in Bali. The visibility underwater at Tanjung Sari is good, around 15 meters ant the rocky point provides protection from the worst of the current. It seems everything is ok, but be careful with the channel. The ferry traffic and small boats, which come and out the bay is a danger. It's not advisable to surface at the channel and watch your depth meter here. Remember to bring an inflatable signal device in case you have to surface, as there are lots of boats passing through here on the way to the harbor. This is excellent site for sharks including unusual sharks, as well many rare and interesting smaller animals such as nudibranch, shrimps, crabs, squids and octopus. There seem always to be reef white tip shark in around fifteen meters

KSDC trips to Tanjung Sari:

Access: 5 minutes boat ride from Padang Bai
Visibility: 10-20 meters
Marine life: Wobbegong shark, white tip reef shark, turtle
Accomodation: A lot of small motels in Padang Bai
Tips: Always bring inflatable device here
Difficulty: Easy to moderate