Watu Payung SCUBA Dive Sites

Category: Flores IslandWatu Payung
Our next dive (and last dive for the trip) was at a site called Watu Payung (Umbrella Rock) off East Flores Island. Two of our members decided to skip the last dive, preferring instead to pack up and enjoy the boat and the sun (and their beds). They did not miss much, we only saw damaged reef again, a turtle, and a cute flatworm.
Notes from Mia: Both dive sites in East Flores have suffered a lot of damage from fish bombing and bleaching, it’s disheartening to see the rubbles
Reef type: Wall
Access: Liveaboard
Visibility: 10-15 meters
Current: No current
Coral condition: So so, some bombed/ bleached
Marine life: Turtle, nudibranchs, stonefish, flatworm
Highlights: No pelagic anymore due to overfishing
Accomodation: No accomodation (except liveaboard)
Difficulty: East