Bali Placenta Diving Josephine Eve Kodiat

Date: Sunday, 13 February 2011
Duration: 1 day


It is now 11 days from the birth of Josephine Eve Kodiat, the baby of Erwin Kodiat and Cecilia Vera Wirahadisaputra. Several cultures believe the placenta to be or have been alive, often a relative of the baby like brother, sister or twin. By tradition, we normally bury the placenta at the back yard or set it adrifted to the ocean.

But KSDC does it differently, we buried the placenta in the ocean, literally. We brought it to the depth and find a good place to put the placenta, we normally call it Placenta Diving (or some people call it umbilical cord diving). As KSDC tradition began with Gregor Ramses Dotulong in 2002, we decided to organize a placenta diving for baby Joey. The planned dive site would be Tulamben Drop Off.

This supposed to happen last week but since the father caught cold, it is postponed until one day before St. Valentine's day.

For those who want to join, please come in the morning to Matahari Tulamben Resort.