Black Manta Dive trip to Ambon, Banda, Ring of Fire, Raja Ampat

Date: 18 - 28 October 2013
Duration: 11 days


Black Manta,


50 dives


Brief Itinerary
(schedules are subjected to changes according to weather and sea condition)

Day 1. Our staff will meet you at Ambon Airport and take you to the awaiting Black Manta. Depending on arrival time we can do check dive in Ambon Bay. After 2 critter dives, we sail over night Banda Island

Day 2. (3 dives) - diving around Banda Island; Pulau Ai, Batu Kapal, Karang Hatta, Pulau Keraka

Day 3-6. (3-4 dives x4 days) -Ring Of Fire. Hammerhead sharks hunt!

Day 7. (4 dives) - West Seram, Pulau Koon full days diving, then sail for Raja Ampat.

Day 8-10. (3-4 dives x 3 days) South Raja Ampat; Misool, Wai, Kri, Sorong

Day 11. Check out after breakfast, farewells, and transfer to airport. Take your pre-booked flight from Sorong.

Diving days: 10 days (30 dives)