Chinese New Year 2011 Dive Tulamben and Macro Hunt

Date: 29 - 31 January 2011
Duration: 3 days


The actual CNY Dive is on Sunday 30th January.

This is a fun day trip to celebrate Chinese New Year and have some fun. However those not living in Bali can come
and dive on Saturday 29th to Monday 31 January 2011. Those who have cameras can join in a Macro Hunt at the
Mimpi River and Seraya, and do a night dive in front of Mimpi, usually a rich area for juvenile nudis and small stuff.
Seraya will have the usual harlequin ghost pipe fish, sea horses, harlequin shrimps, nudibranch, coleman shrimps
and many more. Everyone welcome to join! However those living in Bali are required to bring one home-cooked goodies
(HaHaHa!!) So its a Dive and Pot Luck combined.


No minimum dives required. All are welcome!


Saturday 29th January 2011 - Participants from outside Bali arrive at Mimpi Tulamben. Those who arrive early can start diving!

KSDC Chinese New Year Dinner - Buffet Dinner will be served

Sunday 30th January 2011 - All participants arrive. 3 day dives at the Liberty Wreck, Mimpi River and Seraya. Night dive at Mimpi River.
If the weather is bad at Tulamben we will switch to Padang Bai - Blue Lagoon & Jepun

Monday 31st January - Participants from outside Bali can continue diving the area, if weather is good we can do Amed.

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you are interested, so that we can coordinate the rooms and/or diving at Mimpi. [email protected]