KSDC Bloood Donation October 2008

Date: Sunday, 12 October 2008
Duration: 1 day


Did you know by blood donating you have:
1. Donating blood may reduce the risk of heart disease for men and stimulate the generation of red blood cells.
2. A donor effectively burns about 650 calories by donating one pint of blood.
3. Someone needs blood every two seconds.
4. One pint of blood can save up to three lives.
5. Cancer, transplant and trauma patients, and patients undergoing open-heart surgery may require platelet transfusions to survive.
6. The #1 reason blood donors say they give is because they "want to help others."
7. The actual blood donation usually takes about 10 minutes. The entire process – from the time you sign in to the time you leave – takes about an hour.
8. After donating blood, you replace the fluid in hours and the red blood cells within four weeks. It takes eight weeks to restore the iron lost after donating.
9. You cannot get AIDS or any other infectious disease by donating blood.
10. Giving blood will not decrease your strength.
11. Blood donation. It's about an hour of your time. It's About Life.
12. Fun, Socializing, and meeting new friends.

In the days prior to donating blood, it is important that donors prepare themselves for a process that can temporarily weaken the body. Donors should check their local blood bank's guidelines, as requirements and recommendations vary. Many blood banks recommend that potential donors drink extra water and fluids before donating It may be advisable to avoid caffeinated beverages before donation.

Eating well is also important, and can reduce the risk of reactions to donation. Eating foods high in iron (which has many dietary sources) is also a good idea; low hemoglobin levels may make a donor temporarily ineligible.


This event is open for PUBLIC, both Divers and Non-Divers.
Your name might not be listed here now, due to coordinator inability to update the list on the web before the event.
But coordinator will populate the list of names, once the donor event is completed.

Blood donor
Place: Palang Merah Indonesia, Jalan Kramat Raya #47. Jakarta Pusat.
Phone: 021-3906666
Time: 16:00 - 19:00

Place: TBA


16:00 - 19:00 - Donor activity, please come as early as you can. Not only will it help the staffs of PMI, also we can use more time to get to know everyone.

Once you are done with donating blood, you are welcome to wait or directly go to the diner early.

18.30 - Finish - Simple dinner at TBA.
What You Eat Is What You Pay.

Coordinators' note:
We hope that with this kind of event, not only that we as divers' community can contribute to simple humanitarian aid, but also would be able to use the opportunity to get to know each other.