Scuba Diving Lombok The Gili's

Date: Saturday, 5 October 2002
Duration: 1 day
Photo from the trip Scuba Diving Lombok The Gili's
Photo from the trip Scuba Diving Lombok The Gili's
Photo from the trip Scuba Diving Lombok The Gili's
Photo from the trip Scuba Diving Lombok The Gili's


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About Lombok Island

The Gili Islands in Lombok are the perfect place when you want to escape from it all. There are no motorcycles or cars on the islands, and the pace of life reflects their absence. Each of the islands can be circumnavigated on foot. There are perfect white sand beaches shaded by coconut trees and crystal blue water as far as the eye can see.

Over the last several years these islands have attracted more and more tourists and have developed in different ways. Gili Trawangan is by far the most built up and has a reputation as a bit of a party island while Gili Meno and Gili Air are much quieter and cater to more mature guests (not necessarily in age, but in outlook).

The development of tourism has also led to the establishment of a number of dive centers. While the coral surrounding the islands has been badly damaged, it is still home to many fish and the waters are renowned for the abundant white and black tip reef sharks and turtles which call it home.

The first time I went diving in the Gilis I was thrilled to see 10 turtles on a 45 minute dive. At that point in my diving career I had never seen a turtle, and was absolutely floored by the experience.

The dive sites surrounding the three islands are suitable for beginner divers, but more experienced divers or those who love small underwater critters may find the sites somewhat limited and disappointing due to the state of the coral.

Still, the Gilis are a great place to go to escape modern stresses.

Our next trip to Lombok will be in South Lombok. The sites here are known for their difficulty and are still relatively unexplored. We look forward to facing the challenges these sites present and hope that they are as amazing as we have heard!

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