Scuba Diving Papua Raja Ampat Dive Site at Irian Jaya

Date: 13 - 21 November 2004
Duration: 9 days


Now we have a liveaboard trip going to Raja Ampat, join this!

Dive Papua st West part and explore Papua dive sites with Papua diving center in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

PAPUA BARAT / IRIAN JAYA - John Roach, for National Geographic News, August 8, 2001: Scuba divers, take note: The waters of the Raja Ampat Islands Papua Diving site off Indonesia's province of Irian Jaya or Papua Barat may replace heralded Palau as the most species-rich sea in the world.

The Raja Ampat island in Irian are group spreads out over a huge area and consists of over 610 islands. The four largest islands are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. The area's reefs are covered in a diverse selection of both hard and soft corals. Most of the areas reefs are pristine, with mile after mile of perfect hard corals, drift after drift of soft corals of many species and colors ranging from brilliant red, to shocking yellow pretty pink and exotic purple. Most reef dives are very colorful. Hopefully, we would be able to experience the best dives sites within those islands which include Cape Kri, Mellisa's Garden, Sardines Reef, The Passage, Nudibranch Rock, Wai Island Night Dive, and Mike's Point.

The Diving Papua - Irian package will includes airport transfers, porter, island/ resort transfers, accomodation in Sorong - Irian, dinner and breakfast in Sorong, Divemasters/ Dive Guides, tanks and weight belts. This Irian Diving trip package is still under strenuous negotiation which is planned to be concluded by the end of February. Due to high demand on the dates we set, we have to secure our reservation immediately after by transferring 25% of the agreed amount.

The Irian Papua Barat diving package excludes airfare from your hometown to Sorong vice versa and diving equipments other than those are above mentioned.


Saturday, Nov. 13: All participants should already gathered and will stay overnight in Sorong, PAPUA BARAT, Indonesia.

Sunday, Nov. 14: The connecting Papua speedboat will leave at the earliest time possible after breakfast to Kri Island for Kri Eco Resort Papua. Normally the crossing would take 2 hours.

Sunday, Nov. 14 - Friday, Nov. 19: SIX DIVING IRIAN DAYS.

Saturday, Nov. 20: R&R. After diving Irian, it is the day for Papua trekking, Irian kayaking, Irian biking, or just laize around in the Irian Papua sun.

Sunday, Nov. 21: Papua transfered speed boat will connect us with the Irian flight back to reality.

Diving Papua will still recorded in your mind forever.
Nikson Soor