Raja Ampat Liveaboard 2011

Date: 8 - 16 May 2011
Duration: 9 days


About Sea Safari Cruises VIII :
Sea Safari VIII is a luxury LOB boat with a capacity of 27 guests. But for this trip we will try to limit the number to fewer divers for a better diving experience.

More info coming soon...


Minimum Advanced Open Water or 30 dives
Maximum 20 divers.

Trip is FULL!! Waiting list only. Please check our Bali Annual Safari Trip on August 2011 :)


Day 1 : Sunday 8th May 2011 - Sorong
Flight from Jakarta/Makassar to Sorong. You will be picked up by our representative and transfer to Sea Safari boat. Welcome drink will be offered. Cabin allocation and dive deck briefing will take place as you settle in. The boat will depart for Dampier Strait (40 nautical miles – nm). We are going straight for the big stuff! We will reach Dampier by evening and a night dive is an option for those eager to start.

Day 2 & 3 : Dampier (8 dives)
Starting with Batu Lima near the entrance to Kabui Bay. Famous for its large colourful sea fans. Good chance of seeing Mantas. Mioskon and Friwinbonda offers good fish life and as well as pygmy seahorses. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served onboard in between the dives. We are expecting a 9 am high tide on 9th May, so while the morning dives may be near the top of the tides, the afternoon will hit low tide at 4pm. The boat will then depart to the north west, the Yanggefo group.

Day 4 : Yanggefo (4 dives)
The Yanggefo dive sites offers a variety of dives including current drifts at Mayhem, and shallower diving at Way Pretty Shallows. Citrus Ridge and Gam Ridge also gives big schools of fish, frequently described as “aquarium diving” by divers who experience masses of fish swirling over their heads. We then head north to the magical Wayag Group.

Day 5 & 6 : Wayag, Quoy, Bag and Uranie (8 dives)
Part of the 155,000 hectare Kawe Marine Protected Area, There will be a hill climb to overlook Wayag’s beautiful lagoon. The dive sites here have interesting names like Two Hump Rock, and Far Out Rock. Expect to see masses of fish, and some currents depending on the tides. There may be a chance of seeing Tuna out in the blue. We will also do the more interesting sites like Figure 8 Rock, Channel Island, and Cathedral Rock, if currents are mild. Morning tides are expected to be mild on the 11th and 12th May. Night dives may also be possible with a slack tide around 7pm.

Day 7 : Kawe Group (4 dives)
We now sit right on the equator at Kawe Island. Weka’s Wow is a drift dive, offering both wide angle and macro photographic opportunities. A nearby site called One Tree Island also offers pygmy seahorses and with several species present. Changgo offers swim thru’s and boulders while Black Rock has schooling Butterfly fish, Angels and Octopus.

Day 8 : Alyui Bay and Cendana Pearl Farm (1-3 dives)
½- day diving in this area, depending on the condition. White Arrow and Channel Island offers interesting macro opportunities, with fire urchins housing Zebra crabs and Coleman shrimps.
We will also visit the Cendana Pearl Farm for a tour of the facility and those of you interested in purchasing pearls direct from the farm! We have to depart to Sorong by 5 pm so that we can arrive in port by 5 a.m.

Day 9 : Monday 16th May 2011 - Sorong
No dive. Depart for Jakarta.

Trip ends but memories lives on :)

Total estimated number of dives possible: 25-29 dives.

Flight Schedule is as follow:
07/05/2011 MZ 774 Jakarta - Makassar, 21:30 00:45.
08/05/2011 MZ 8020 Makassar - Sorong, 04:00 07:05.

16/05/2011 MZ 837 Sorong - Makassar, 15:45 16:50.
16/05/2011 MZ 761 Makassar - Jakarta, 20:00 21:15.

You are responsible for your own ticketing, however organizer will help you update for schedule and flights later.
Organizers are not liable for any changes or cancellation cause by the flight operators.

More detail info on itinerary will be posted soon...