Relaxing in the pool

When we got back from our dives, seeing the beautiful sunset in the backdrop is just too tempting to say ?no? to a dip in the pool. The presence of sexy Yoni in the pool might have helped Fede made his decision though. What can go wrong with a dip in the pool after a day of diving, BUT I was totally wrong when the dip involved the most potent element to a human?s behavior plus a bit of alcohol!

Fede and myself join Yoni in the pool first, followed closely by Tom and Pak Tjokro, shortly after Jerry and Cesil join in the fun, seeing how relaxing we were soaking in the pool. With sunset this beautiful, memory space in our digital cameras should not go to waste. Melanie and Mike jumped in after they have sort out their wet items on the hanger. Melanie almost got turn off by the cold water but a nice relaxing soak in the pool just too great to resist, ultimately she took the plunge. The only person who did not take the plunge is Nining who decides to read up on the DIRF course notes (Another diver onto the DIR bandwagon. By the way, I just ?looked? DIR, fact remains that I?m not DIR trained). We were taking pictures, swimming, relaxing, chatting? then Mr Fede (master of all havocs) suggested vodka!

I have nothing against a little vodka to keep us warm in the pool but drinking on an empty stomach just don't quite my kind of drinking. Tom faithfully brings the bottle of vodka blackcurrant. Drinks are served; I quietly kept myself away from that lethal bottle while the rest with the exception of Pak Tjokro, Melanie and Mike, took turns to have their glasses filled. Mia and Oka join in the ?fun? after their trip from getting us makan for the night (fishes.. and more fishes...yummy?)

The show of the night or the entire trip begins after a few round of absolute. People started laughing, giggling and talking loudly. Mike began to perform synchronized water ballet, I?m 100% sure that that was not caused by the influence of alcohol. He is just so entertaining. Me, Melanie and Jerry joined in to form the group. Sadly, this program was terminated due to the fact that I wasn?t good enough to put up a good show for the rest. Couldn?t even get the direction right. Jerry decided to throw in a trick of his own by making the biggest fart underwater. Fart or no fart, that was one hell of a bubble coming up from the pool. For demonstration, kindly contact Jerry personally, I will pass on this.

As the sun sets behind us, pictures of us in the pool turn into nothing but mere silhouettes. By this time I believe Melanie and Pak Tjokro has left us for shower. Jerry decides to try out some new tricks in taking half submerged pictures with his Olympus. After some failure and making us posed for nothing, the effects of the successful ones are quite amazing. Fede got his chance of a lifetime in taking pictures with the all the babes in the pool and that must have sent Fede to cloud nine, sadly the pictures did turn out too well.

Nining and Melanie came to join us by the pool side after their respective showers which I heard proved to be a bad choice because Tom decided that they needed another shower with water from the pool. Feeling that the 2 peck of vodka I had (seriously I just had 2 pecks and nothing more than that) was not enough to keep me warm in the water, I decided to head for my shower and of course dinner.

After a shower, I was eager to eat as I'm really hungry by now but was then given the toughest task of the trip by Melanie to get the people in the pool to go for their showers and have dinner. Even before I reached the poolside I can hear people talking at the top of their voices. Before I can say a word, Fede is eagerly offered me a drink, of course I decline his kind offer as my stomach was rumbling for food and not alcohol. Not wanting to enter into a senseless argument about Singaporeans drinking habits, I left the pool knowing that I it will be better to argue on a full rather than empty stomach.

Returning to dinning table and reported my failure of my task, we decided to go ahead with dinner. As we are about to dig in, we saw a smiley Tom holding his short, covering his tiny Speedo, walked in, giving out a smiling sound that would put even the hyenas to shame after which he went straight for the couch next to the television. Oka quickly shooed him off the couch knowing the fact that he would eventually puke on it. A dripping wet Jerry came walking in followed by Fede carrying Mia in his arms, and poor Mike and Nining had to wipe the wet trial left behind by them. To make things worse, they just don't seem to be able to stand still.

Dinner was excellent. Mike and myself decided to have some coke (with Jack Daniels of course) and made ourselves comfortable in front of the television set. At this point of time Tom was found dead? on the sun-tanning bench lying face down. Thinking a 3 hours of havoc has ended with the dinner but was once again proven wrong when drinking continues just at the foyer (problem of having too much booze on a single trip). Mia was learning salsa from Fede and the attention suddenly shifted to the supposed to be ?dead? Tom who was trying to learn the alphabets all over again. ?Give me a Mmmm?.?, ?Mmmmmmm??, ?Give me a Ahhhh??, ?Ahhhhh?. ?, ?Give me a Ffffff?..?, ?Fffucckkk yyyooouuu? We were watching this while watching ?Sex and The City? on DVD.

Mia got choked by her own clothes when Tom suddenly grabbed her by her clothes and refusing to let go. Luckily he let her go after much pacifying and prying of his fingers. By the way, Tom was still lying face down when he did all this.

Seeing Tom as a dangerous subject to be drinking beside, the ?fun? shifted to the poolside once again. More drinking and the ?original? drinking contingent continues. Yoni and Jerry together with Fede and Mia were all out chatting and drinking. After Japan scored the first goal against China in the Asian Cup final, Mike and myself decided to join in for a little chat with our second round of Jack Daniels with coke. DM Rusman joined us for a few drinks by the pool too. Can?t remember when did Cesil, Nining and Oka join the group though. Fede was practicing his "mau jadi pacar ku?" while drowning glasses of absolute vodka vanilla with Cesil, Yoni and whoever within the vicinity.

It?s a much tame session this time round with lesser movements, as we just sat around chatting, telling silly jokes, though I do believe there was some mooching behind my back.

Slowly, one after another, we head for bed. As we walk pass Tom on our way to bed, seeing him still ?dead? in his skimpy Speedo and a blanket just don?t give an assuring picture of him surviving the night outside. We decided to mummify him. Oka brought the extra blanket and Rusman proceed to wrap him up. After he is done, the ever-entertaining Mike decided to perform some ancient Egyptian rituals to bless Tom on his night out. This was of course captured on memory cards.

Finally the end of a crazy night of alcohol overdose I would have thought but ?NO?. In the middle of the night I was woken by the undisputed sound of someone puking his guts out. No prize for guessing who?s the one.

After effect of the alcohol continues to show on our dive. Poor Fede had to miss his second dive due to hangover and was actually puking into our dive site. Now you know why they come up with the rule of ?alcohol and diving just don?t mix?.