The Initiative

This diving Manado trip is initiated by only two members who desperately wants to dive Manado, Bunaken, Lembeh and Bangka Island in the year of 2002, the diving Manado trip has grown to a bigger group of 9 people but later on the participants cancelled one by one until only four commited divers wanted to diving Manado. We were desparately contacting every possible divers we know possibly interested to join. In the end, surprisingly the number of participants become 20 people and most of them become our new members.

The trip itself could be said as one of the finest trip for Kapal Selam, both in terms of number of people and the distance from our base in Bali, Indonesia. Bunaken, Manado, Lembeh and Bangka offer a wide variety of possible encounter with marine life we do not see everyday in our regular diving trip. From pygmy seahorse to school of barracuda. From devil scorpionfish to ornate ghost pipefish. Everything seems quite new for most of us. Bunaken 2003 trip has become one of the most memorable diving experience for everyone participate in it.

This Diving Manado Trip is the most exciting for all our members of Kapal Selam Diving Club Bali. To diving manado before is only in our imagination.

Read each report to find who join particular day's trip, who's the guide, what we see and some pictures from the trip. We would like to share our joy in this Bunaken 2003 diving Manado trip!