Two Gangs Krakatau 2004

Perhaps because we had to wake up pretty early then one among participants left his wallet and must came back to pick it up, but our enthusiasm never decreased even a bit. We went to Lippo Marina a little hurry to catch up the schedule, and at dawn our tummy shouted up asking for breakfast. Yonatan came up with the idea to buy 'nasi bungkus' which was then became 'nasi goreng bungkus' since there was no other choice.

Several minutes before 7 a.m. we arrived at Lippo Marina, got acquaintance with all participants and then uploaded our gears. Ferdy as a DM checked the air in the tank provided by Lippo Marina to ensure that the air was in good condition. While we were waiting for the lunch supply, we had fast breakfast 'nasi goreng bungkus'. About 7.45 the lunch supply arrived and then we were heading to Krakatoa. Realizing that we were behind schedule, skipper speeded up the boat and the water splashed onto us. The rocking boat and splashing water made enthusiastic participants laugh and more jokes spilled out among us. Before we got totally wet, we were changing our cloths with our wetsuits while the boat still rocking us. We made it! Very funny indeed to see them struggling in the rocking boat to put on their wetsuits. Yonatan said that our lunch would be salty because the splash'hahhaha.

When we reached the dive spot, we didn't waste time to gear up and jumped into sea. Started with Ferdy followed by others we began our first dive at Batu Candi.
The sea was so wavy at this dive spot. Ferdy descended fast, because he got seasickness already. Visibility wasn't good; it was about 3 to 5 meters only. Even though it was so wavy in the surface, it was relatively no current in the bottom. We dived in harmony and enjoyed all the sea critters. We saw schooling Moorish Idol, many species of groupers, trumpet fish, giant sweet lips, wrasse, several parrotfish, and giant Moray eel as big as our foot. We finished first dive around 45 minutes; and during surface interval we rushed into our supply' gee, seemed as if they had not had meals for a month, phew.

Second dive started around noon at Anak Rakata. That wasn't wavy again, but the visibility was the same. For the first 5 to 10 minutes we only found flat black sand with small critter with hundred feet (don't know the name!!). After we found corals, we were heading to the direction we had agreed before. Ferdy, as usual, descended first and looked for his 'prey'; he got lots this time, lucky him. There were not much different critters compared to first dive, but one thing must be noted was we found 3 (three) moray eels. The first one was as big as we saw in the first dive, the second one was a little bit smaller. The third one, gee, this was the biggest moray eel we have ever seen. Its body was as big as our leg. Since we got poor visibility, Yulia and I, who were in the front of group were shocked because that eel seemed all of sudden came up so close in front of us. It was a pity that Yonatan took different path so that he didn't see those all moray. After we dived around 40 minutes, we had surface interval during lunch. And you know what? As Yonatan said before, one of our menus was a salted duck egg' is it because the splash before? hhahhaha

We started the third dive around 2.30 p.m., a half-hour late from the schedule, but it was better than we made it earlier with shorter NDL. The skipper brought us to dive spot called Sertung Dalem. We limited our last dive due poor visibility and running out of time before we had to go back to Lippo Marina. Nothing special critters in the last dive, but large sea fans in several areas. While we were still enjoying underwater scenery in this spot, we realized that time was out and we had to surface and back to Marina.

Around 3 p.m. we were heading back to Marina, with jokes and laugh as usual, and surely bothered by rocking boat in the wavy surface. With reddish butts we closed this trip with having dinner at Karawaci, seemed no tire face on all participants but laugh and smile. The two gangs were heading to their home with lots of fun and joyful memories.

See you all in the next trip soon