Mimpang SCUBA Dive Sites

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When we had our surface interval after diving Tepekong, usually it's good to anchor the boat next to these three islands called Gili Mimpang. If you take a look at the islands, you will find on the top of one of them, there is a tree which has an eagle nest on it. The funny thing about this site is although it's called shark point, we only once see a white tip shark here. An instructor friend of mine who is quite knowledgeable about this area suggested that if you were in the middle of mild to strong current combined with cold water (below 25 degree) then big chances you will see many sharks here. But still it is interested place to dive, I saw a lot of crinoid there indicating strong current area. And turtle is not uncommon also here. Clown triggerfish (Balistoides conspicillum) also often found here.