KSDC 2014 Annual Bali Xtreme Dive

Date: 15 - 17 August 2014
Duration: 3 days


X'treme Nusa Penida dive sites offering the most challenging dives for experienced divers only. Gili Selang, Batu Biaha, Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang, Ceningan Strait, Gamat Bay, Blue Corner, Batu Abah etc. Remember this could get crazy guys, so make sure you feel comfortable with extreme conditions and of course dive at your own risk.

Dive! Dive! Dive! Let's make this trip a reunion for senior members ! Yoni Eka Sari Tom F. Chandra Mia Aristanti Erwin Kodiat Lokadita Brahmana Alexandra Sutopo Rizal Prayuga David Van Rooy Budy Caldy Sutanto yang gak ada di FB Farquhar, Lily, Mulyadi (The Deco diver), Teharmin Acuan Jerry, Cesilia, Sisi, Yuji, Fanty, Stanley and other Kapal Selamer's with gut! Public are also welcome, but keep in mind this will be Xtreme!


As long as you think you are a good diver!


Challenging dive day 1, 15 th August 2014
Dive Sites: Manta Point, Batu Abah OR Gamat, Crystal Bay

Challenging dive day 2, 16 th August 2014
Dive Sites: Gili Selang OR Biaha, Tepekong, Mimpang

Challenging dive day 3, 17 th August 2014
Dive Sites: Blue Corner, Ceningan Wall, Gamat or Crystal Bay

The exact itinerary is subject to change, dependent on weather and tides.

Please note that we can book hotels for those needing accommodation, so we can all stay together.

Contact us for price.

NB: Full Already .....
David Tatto, Kirman, Hengky, Budyanto, Erwin and many more ....