Gili Selang SCUBA Dive Sites

Category: BaliGili Selang
If you ever dreamt of diving in an aquarium-like environment then you should consider Gili Selang. The abundant pristine soft coral and wide variety of species is what you get when you dive there. Often pelagic fishes come here. In fact, we were lucky enough to watch a group of scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) in the 26 meters depth. They were group of eight with 2 meters length on average except one big guy that we believed to be the leader, which almost reach 3 meters in length. It was 23 degree of Celsius, cold enough for us, tropical divers. This dive site well known for its unpredictable strong current therefore be prepare with your sausage and good boatman that ought to chase you when you are drifted. On the subsequent dive we also saw a green turtle (Chelonia midas) eagerly swam try to balance itself in the middle of swirling current. Even a group of big bumphead parrotfish can not well maintain their balance when they meet the current, when we ourselves watched them by hanging on to the rock. If you take a look at Bali map, you will find that this island is the easternmost tip of Bali Island, It could be the reason why the current is unpredictable here. We always love to take our friend experienced diver here.
Reef type: Slope
Access: One hour speedboat ride from Padang Bai
Visibility: 10-30 meters
Current: Mostly strong
Coral condition: Healthy
Marine life: Sharks (schooling hammerhead sharks was sighted at the first time Submariners dived there), various nudibranch
Tips: Even it is possible to go by small wooden boat from Amed, it is not recommended since you need a reliable diving boat here.
Difficulty: Difficult