Paradise Patch Reef SCUBA Dive Sites

Category: TulambenParadise Patch Reef
Just in front of Diver Paradise (hotel and restaurant), we found an area with abundant healthy coral. The good thing about this site is the shallowness of it. The maximum depth during the high tide only 12 meters, unless you want to follow the sandy bottom, then you can reach any depth you want to the abyss. We found our very first ribbon eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita) here, the black one which indicating juvenile one and blue adult male one. I've done my first night dive here and encounter a juvenile white tip shark and a one-meter barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda). If you love to take a photograph then this is a good place, because it is shallow that the sun can reach the bottom during the day and of course it has diverse species worth picture taken.
Access: Jump from the beach in front of Paradise Motel
Visibility: 10-20 meters
Current: Almost no current
Marine life: Ribbon eel, lionfish, nudibranch
Highlights: Good for photography since the shallow reef allows good lighting
Accomodation: Small motels to 4-stars resort
Difficulty: Easy