New Year Diving Bali 2003

Date: 31 December 2002 - 1 January 2003
Duration: 2 days
Photo from the trip New Year Diving Bali 2003


New year diving at USS Liberty Ship Wreck. Descend at 23:34 and passing through new year 2003 by handshaking each other divers. It was a very good night dive highlighted with a 1.2 meter bumphead parrotfish sleeping and not even moving a bit when we got very close to it.
Barbeque or fish grill, have a lot of cool beers and soft drinks. Snapper, lamb spare ribs, beef sausage and chicken wings. Finished at 3.30 in the (early) morning. Slept and prepared for the next dive on January 1.
See the rare scene when a blue ribbon eel come out from her home. Read %article:runaway_beauty% written by %diver:rochmad%