Bali New Year 2006

Date: 31 December 2005 - 1 January 2006
Duration: 2 days


Experience the year change from 2005 to 2006 under water
Please note that Dec 30 is new moon in Bali, but according to Waterworx it should be fine to dive Gili Biaha and Tepekong but needs to see the condition. It would be a current riding diving, I would say


Dec 30, 2005:
Those of you who lives outside Bali please make sure you are already in Bali by evening. For you guys, I include room arrangement for the first night either in Sanur or Kuta (it is the same hotel for the whole group), therefore in the morning we can go to Padang Bai by 07:00.

Dec 31, 2005:
07:00: Drive to Padang Bai
08:00: ETA Padang Bai, jump into the boat for 2 dives at Gili Biaha and Tepekong (subject to change if condition does not allow).
15:00 The latest, we must already drive to Tulamben (Mature) and hopefully you can get well rest for the new year's eve dive.
22:30 Gear up! Please note we will dive ship wreck then we will need at least 30 minutes to walk there.
23:30 Jump into the water in front of the wreck and on the year change we can celebrate it underwater. If you have hammerhead underwater horn or anything you can use to make noise underwater please bring it, also if you have that glow in the dark stuff would be great.
00:30 The dive will be finished by then. Some people say it is a one-year-dive since we start the dive on 2005 and finish it by 2006. Back to Mature and sleep well.

Jan 1, 2006:
Have one morning dive to have your very first dive logged in 2006. 05:30: (Tentative) Possibly shipwreck as early as if you can wake up, but this dive can be re-arranged for a later dive to Drop Off (let say by 09:00). Based on Mul and my latest experience, dive early in the shipwreck is really rewarding. A lot of fish, morning sunlight het through the water from the east, if lucky we can see mola mola as Mul did last month :)
13:00: Drive to Kerobokan
16:00: Start the BBQ party at 16:00 (early, huh) :) That's how they do in Bali for every party :) Start as early as possible.
Trip Reports:
Wolfgang Krutz
Erwin Kodiat
Tom Fadjar Chandra
Mia Aristanti