Drop Off SCUBA Dive Sites

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The next dive sites that interested as well is Drop Off. It has a beautiful wall that is accessible from the beach by swimming. The shallowest tip of the bottom is on 59.5 meters during the low tide. A 2-meters white tip shark swimming lazily on the bottom. In this top of the wall, we often encounter moray eel (Gymnothorax sp), cuttlefish and octopus. A big gorgonian sea fan in 30 meters depth is one of our landmarks during the dive. Usually the divers who often visit Tulamben firstly would fall in love at the first sight with the shipwreck. However, after several visits to the Liberty, then they will get bored with the shipwreck and start to turn their eyes to drop off and this place would be the most interested site for them. The condition here in drop off is almost similar with its neighbor Liberty shipwreck, the visibility, the temperature, and the no-current condition. Our fellow instructors often take their student here for dive one and two because this place is well protected within the bay and has a wide flat sandy bottom.
Access: Short walk from any nearby accomodation, or if you drive you can go through a small road next to the 'banjar'
Visibility: 10-20 meters
Current: No current
Marine life: White tip reef shark, reef stonefish
Highlights: Good site for deep diving, the coral reef goes from 15 meters to below 60 meters
Accomodation: Small motels to 4-stars resort
Difficulty: Easy