Welcome New KSDC Divers- Test Two

Date: 31 July - 1 August 2004
Duration: 2 days


Pregnant pygmy sea horses: KSDC has been let in on a special spot in Tulamben literally covered with pygymy sea horses. Delight in their protruding bellies and take bets on when the new ones will be born!
Harlequin ghost pipe fish: Thea recently found three harlequins cohabitating on a feather star at the drop-off. They seem to be a family, but let's try to determine their genealogy as their coloring varies!


Saturday: Leave from Bali Scuba at 7:15, drive caravan style to Tulamben
First dive at Alam Anda to harass the pregnant pygmy sea horses with selected member strobelights
Second dive at Drop-Off to see if the three new harlequin ghost pipe fish have survived the incredible recent surge and waves
Optional night dive. KSDC official drink and hazing for the newcomers.
Sunday: More diving, possibly Seraya or Kubu depending on the mood of the divers. Drive back south in late afternoon.

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